The organization management and decision-making structure is based on the distribution of roles and responsibilities between the NAMU General Assembly, the Board, the President and the Audit Commission

 According to the assigned functions, the General Assembly implements the strategic management of the organization, approves the management bodies, and acknowledges the organization budget. 

 The Board is responsible for implementation of the General Assembly‚Äôs decisions, drafting the annual implementation plans and approval of the activities, review and approval of the annual reports, forming the personnel structure. 

The President, among other, implements the executive function, ensuring daily management, including financial and human resource management. 

Finally, the Audit Commission ensures implementation of the approved budget, reviews and approves the financial interactions, monitors the personnel services performance, and provides recommendations to the General Assembly regarding the audit results. 

MANU implements provisions of the Ukrainian legal framework for the non-profit organizations for the financial operations and bookkeeping, procurement, assets management and prevention of fraud. The organization regularly publishes on the web its annual financial reports (see on and initiates review the financial activates and refine the business process. 

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